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2011-01-25 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
From Northampton to D.C.

Check it out! Our pal Bill Scher has been invited to the the White House. We talk about how that happened, and dig into the Progressive Breakfast.

We also talk to Chris Hellman of the National Priorities Project, whose work has also been used by the White House, as well as the media, to help people see where their tax dollars are going. He’s on a new task force looking at ways to cut the defense budget in order to reduce the deficit.


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Tuesday 25 January 2011 Audio
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Our buddy, political analyst Bill Scher, just got quoted by the White House in a statement about the middle class tax cuts. Bill’s a little frustrated with politics at the moment – but not for the same reason as a lot of other folks. Which is kind of the point. Hear his side of the story.


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Thursday 9 December 2010 Audio
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