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2011-04-07 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Buffalo Stance

Winterpills guitarist Dennis Crommett has a new CD out. He’ll be celebrating its release with the usual cadre of of talented local musicians Friday night at The Iron Horse.

Also, Vijay Prashad discusses the situations in Libya and Yemen. He’ll be speaking about this subject tonight at Smith College.

Note: While I usually edit out the music from the podcasts, I left the Dennis Crommett track in for you to hear. It wasn’t a mistake.


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Thursday 7 April 2011 Audio
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2011-03-09 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Good Autocrats vs. Bad Autocrats

Professor Vijay Prashad braves flashbacks to former visits to the Valley Free Radio studios to join us for a chat about what’s happening in the Middle East.

Also, Bill and Jaz discuss whether a journalist for the UMass Daily Collegian was “asking for it” (and by “it,” I mean “being fired”).


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Wednesday 9 March 2011 Audio
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Thea and Samy, our friends in Cairo, tell us what it was like to experience the the victory of the Egyptian protesters firsthand. Also, Professor Vijay Prashad tells us what this victory means in the grand scheme of things, and what’s next.

Plus, are we heading for a government shutdown? Bill Scher speculates.


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Monday 14 February 2011 Audio
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2011-02-09 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Revolution – and trash – in the air

Vijay Prashad keeps us updated on the situation in Egypt, and gives us an idea of what to expect. Alex Jarrett and Ruthy Woodring of Pedal People keep us updated on our options for solid waste disposal in a post-landfill Northampton. And, as always, Bill Scher keeps us updated on what’s happening in Washington.

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Wednesday 9 February 2011 Audio
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2011-02-02 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
The Revolution will be tweeted

While most of the U.S. deals with poor weather, over in Egypt they’re dealing with poor living conditions. We talk to a couple of people with unique perspectives on the situation: Vijay Prashad gives us a political and historical view of these events, while Thea Price-Eckles gives us a personal view of the world outside her apartment in Cairo.


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Wednesday 2 February 2011 Audio
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