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…some of them we talk about, some of them we don’t (which may cause Jaz to explode).

Bill Scher does NOT talk about Donald Trump, thankfully.

Tom Pappalardo makes some pretty bold statements about hipsters…and probably wishes we’d stopped there.

And Bill talks to Deb Katz of the Citizens Awareness Network about how people who think the nuclear disaster in Japan can’t happen here are deluding themselves.


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Wednesday 13 April 2011 Audio
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2010-06-04 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Jurassic Park on the Connecticut River

Writer and educator Karl Meyer recently wrote a piece for the Daily Hampshire Gazette about how the efforts to re-establish Atlantic Salmon in the Connecticut River are destroying our local ecosystem. We caught up with him at the fish lift in Holyoke.

If you’d like to contact your representatives to talk about this issue, here’s a link.


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Friday 4 June 2010 Audio
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2010-05-26 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Time has come today…

Author Judith Shulevitz has written a book about the Sabbath – both the Jewish and the Christian traditions – and its importance even for the non-religious. She’ll be speaking at Smith College Thursday, May 27, at 7:30.

And perhaps it’s time to give Vermont Yankee a permanent holiday.


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Wednesday 26 May 2010 Audio
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