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2010-09-06 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Last Call with Daniel Okrent

Daniel Okrent was scheduled to come speak at Broadside Books back in July when his publicity tour was tragically hijacked by a radical news organization. Bill was able to speak to Mr. Okrent just before the incident, to discuss his new book, Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.

We have since learned that Mr. Okrent has been released by his captors, and has graciously rescheduled his appearance at Broadside Books for September 7th – exactly two months after his harrowing ordeal. Please do turn out and support him.


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Monday 6 September 2010 Audio
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2010-08-19 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
John Hodgman: Expert, PC, Wire freak

Our friend John Hodgman makes his way down from Internetless Hills, MA to use Bill’s wifi to download episodes of The Wire (apparently the discs were out at Pleasant Street Video). While waiting for the downloads to finish, he chats about the end of the Mac vs PC ad campaign, reveals the location of co-star Justin Long’s secret Berkshire hideaway, and discusses his rough-scrabble childhood on the mean streets of Brookline, MA.


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Thursday 19 August 2010 Audio