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2011-02-22 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Party on

Bill Scher is back from his Presidents Day celebrations, and gives us his eyewitness account of the kerfuffle that was Senator Kerry’s recent visit to Northampton.

We also talk to former school committee member and congressional candidate Dr. Jay Fleitman about the Tea Party.


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Tuesday 22 February 2011 - File Audio

Thea and Samy, our friends in Cairo, tell us what it was like to experience the the victory of the Egyptian protesters firsthand. Also, Professor Vijay Prashad tells us what this victory means in the grand scheme of things, and what’s next.

Plus, are we heading for a government shutdown? Bill Scher speculates.


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Monday 14 February 2011 - File Audio

2010-10-28 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Study guide for your midterm (elections)

Our favorite political analyst Bill Scher stops by the bunker to chat about the various races that will be decided this Tuesday – from the national to the local level.


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Thursday 28 October 2010 - File Audio

2010-09-28 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Rachel Maddow: Smug or sweet?

(Yeah, guess which adjective WE choose)

Bill chats with Rachel Maddow about “her feud” with Bill Clinton, tea partiers vs conservatives, and Scott Brown. And fashion. Of course.


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Tuesday 28 September 2010 - File Audio