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2015-04-17 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio + Blog
Hats off…

f243b57cfd5ba491d0d23e4238d863ea_400x400The next presidential election isn’t happening for a year and half, but the hats are already starting to pile up in the proverbial ring. Hillary finally made her official – and much anticipated – announcement, and the Republican contenders are lining up to try and take her down. Our friend (and neighbor) Bill Scher takes time from his busy schedule writing for the Campaign for America’s Future and Politico, and appearing on MSNBC, to handicap the candidates with us.

Also, Bill muses about a rather monumental birthday coming up. Please, no party hats. 

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Friday 17 April 2015 Audio + Blog
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We missed a few stories while we were MIA. But that’s okay. Now that the hullabaloo is dying down, we can get to the real stories behind the wacky newzertainment pieces. Patrick Johnson of Masslive got the background on Lord Jesus Christ. And who knows what was going through Matt Brace’s head when he allegedly offered to trade his child for beer or maybe crack. But that doesn’t mean that homeless families should be kicked out of the only shelters they have right now.

All that, and some libertarian nonsense, too…


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Monday 24 May 2010 Audio
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