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2010-05-25 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Art really IS dangerous!

The interview that radio didn’t want you to hear! That’s right – we talk with Michael Kusek about ART! Wilco at MASS MoCA! Leonard Nimoy taking pictures of Northampton residents! Public art on the truck eating bridge! Scandalous!


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Tuesday 25 May 2010 Audio
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We missed a few stories while we were MIA. But that’s okay. Now that the hullabaloo is dying down, we can get to the real stories behind the wacky newzertainment pieces. Patrick Johnson of Masslive got the background on Lord Jesus Christ. And who knows what was going through Matt Brace’s head when he allegedly offered to trade his child for beer or maybe crack. But that doesn’t mean that homeless families should be kicked out of the only shelters they have right now.

All that, and some libertarian nonsense, too…


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Monday 24 May 2010 Audio
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We’re looking forward to catching up with all of you! We’ll be chatting about all sorts of stuff, including Bill’s experiences at Smith College’s commencement yesterday. Did you catch Rachel’s speech?

(from the Smith College site)

I love how she throws in a “labrys” reference! And that it gets cheers!

Anyway, check back later to hear the new episode. And yes: Jaz will have her own mic this time!

Monday 17 May 2010 Blog + Video
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Illumination Night is part of the tradition of Smith College commencement weekend. Paper lanterns are lit across the campus. Tonight was a gorgeous evening for it: a sliver of moon and Venus bright in the sky, and a breeze rocking the glowing lanterns back and forth…


Saturday 15 May 2010 Blog

2010-05-15 | Jaz Tupelo // Blog
Well, hellooooo Larry!

Larry Parnass of the Daily Hampshire Gazette also has some kind words about our return. Thanks for listening and spreading the word!

Saturday 15 May 2010 Blog
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