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2010-05-21 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Spouse CD release and Wall Street reform

We take radio outside today. We talk to Jose Ayerve of Spouse about their new CD Confidence, and why he left Northampton to return to Portland, Maine.

Then we ramble down the street a few blocks to the backyard of Liberal Oasis host Bill Scher, who helps us understand this whole Wall Street reform bill.


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Friday 21 May 2010 Audio

2010-05-20 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s “misplaced words” about his military service are coming back to haunt him. Also, Daily Hampshire Gazette columnist Bob Flaherty tells us about hanging out with ghosts at the Charlemont Inn.


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Thursday 20 May 2010 Audio
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2010-05-18 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio + Blog
Thank you for your patience…

We apologize for the delay. We ran into some technical difficulties, and we’re still sorting things out. But here, finally, is the latest episode, in which Northampton Mayor Clare Higgins makes her way to the media bunker for a chat about broken (and broke) government, and the announced departure of Northampton School Superintendent Isabelina Rodriguez.

Music in today’s podcast courtesy of No-Shadow Kick. Closing theme by Philip Price of Winterpills. And, of course, The Bill Dwight Show theme song was written and performed by the inimitable Lord Russ.


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Tuesday 18 May 2010 Audio + Blog