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Bill’s a little cranky about a new proposal from the folks who want to build casinos in the area. You’ve heard of the “Twinkie defense?” Bill may have just come up with the Twinkie OFFENSE.

In more uplifting news, this weekend at Diva’s Nightclub in Northampton, there’s an event to benefit local Gay Straight Alliance groups. Organizer Suzan Seymour and performer John Brandoli talk about the event, and why even Northampton needs more gay rights advocacy.


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Wednesday 13 April 2011 - File Audio

2011-03-15 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
The first and only mayor

Easthampton Mayor Mike Tautznik stops by to discuss his support for casinos, solar panels on landfills, and other projects he’s working on.

Also, Bill impugns Bill Scher’s taste in music, and compares him to yet another animal. While those two hug it out, you should definitely read Bill’s piece on Senator Rand Paul and his toilet.


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Tuesday 15 March 2011 - File Audio

2011-02-16 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
The Youth Vote

Alex Morse is a 22 year old out and proud native son of Holyoke who is looking to become that city’s next mayor. He chats with fellow native Holyoke boy Bill about his candidacy and his hopes for his hometown.

Bill and Jaz also discuss the stupid that seems to prevail in South Dakota, and Bill Scher discusses the stupid that seems to prevail in certain parts of Washington DC.


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Wednesday 16 February 2011 - File Audio