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2011-03-07 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Her work here is done (almost)

Northampton Mayor Mary Clare Higgins announced on Friday she won’t be seeking another term. She stops in to talk about her decision, her administration, and her future.

Also, Bill talks a little bit more about the political bread and circuses that have begun in Northampton, starting with the Michael Bardsley email request, which you can see for yourself at this link: BardsleyPublicRecordsReply022511


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Also, here’s that Theresa Andersson video I talked about:

Monday 7 March 2011 - File Audio

We catch up with our favorite librarian/beekeeper/non-threatening human presence Adam Novitt, and add another title to his already impressive résumé.

Also, Bill has something he needs to get off his chest regarding recent political developments here in Northampton.


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Tuesday 8 February 2011 - File Audio

2011-02-07 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Discussions with DNark

Northampton City Council president David Narkewicz stops by to chat about the hot button issues of the day: what are we going to do with our trash, why are we buying land to protect drinking water and city councilors, and, of course, what are we going to do about the fiery apocalypse that is the Look Park roundabout? Seriously, last I heard, if you even look at the roundabout it will suck out your soul.


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Monday 7 February 2011 - File Audio

2010-09-15 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Round and around and around we go…

Some of the responses to the new roundabout at Look Park – including a letter in the Gazette – are making Jaz feel particularly ranty.

Incidentally, here’s a handy info guide about roundabouts.


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Wednesday 15 September 2010 - File Audio
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