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2011-03-02 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Saved by the Bob

After our scheduled guest had to postpone at the last minute, the ever-entertaining Bob Flaherty rescues us with his usual blend of humor and human interest stories. His latest column for the Daily Hampshire Gazette covers former Amherst resident Kimi Takesue’s documentary about Uganda, “Where Are You Taking Me?”

Once again, Bill makes his case against casinos, and pleads his case for an even better idea.

As always, Bill Scher gives us the scoop on the political lay of the land in his Progressive Breakfast.


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Wednesday 2 March 2011 Audio
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2011-01-27 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Working Class Hero

Writer and raconteur Bob Flaherty has a show this Saturday at the Northampton Center for the Arts. He brings his producer (and Bill’s brother-in-law), playwright Phil O’Donoghue to amp up the fun.

Also, Bill Scher did NOT get tackled by Secret Service guys yesterday. But it was a close call.


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Thursday 27 January 2011 Audio
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2010-11-17 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
“Superman never made any money…”

Mention the name “Andrei Berman” to some Northampton progressives, and you may see a flash of annoyance. The former Northampton high school student is notorious for what may have been a key role in the defeat of the 2004 override. These days, Mr. Berman is finishing up a stint in “Teach for America,” and has some interesting opinions on education reform; especially the way the issue is dealt with in Waiting for Superman.


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Wednesday 17 November 2010 Audio
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2010-05-20 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s “misplaced words” about his military service are coming back to haunt him. Also, Daily Hampshire Gazette columnist Bob Flaherty tells us about hanging out with ghosts at the Charlemont Inn.


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Thursday 20 May 2010 Audio
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