…well, six, if you count Bob Cilman’s hats. We do. Plus he and Diane Porcella bring us some pretty amazing entertainment, and this year’s Four Sundays in February is no exception. Expect amazing acappella, classic films scored by a live orchestra, a film festival by and for kids, flaming yoyos and smokin’ ukeleles! Plus, the 20th birthday of The Really Big Show, featuring Tom Mahnken as Ed Sullivan. It’s an event so packed with entertainment, we actually need to give it another show to talk about, because we ran out of time.


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Also, check out this amazing video of Northampton in the snow by our pal Scott Howard.

Thursday 3 February 2011 Audio
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Montague resident Chris Martenson is a research scientist and former VP of a Fortune 300 company who thinks the next 20 years are going to look a lot different than the last 20. He’ll be speaking this Thursday at the Academy of Music about the intersection of energy, the economy, and the environment; and how community is key.


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Tuesday 6 July 2010 Audio
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2010-06-29 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
More soul than CGI

School’s out, which means PaintBox Theatre is here to help you entertain the kids. Sure, you could take them to the movies, but PaintBox makes your kid a part of the show, while making you laugh. Artistic director Tom McCabe and actor Emmy Bean talk about what’s coming up, how the audience members make the shows, and why these are NOT the children’s tales you remember.


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Tuesday 29 June 2010 Audio
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