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Bill Dwight may have hung up the microphone, but now his hat is in the ring! Bill is running hard for the honor to serve as Northampton City Councilor At-Large. Go to to learn more about the campaign, where Bill stands on the issues and how you can volunteer or contribute.

Friday 26 August 2011 - File Blog
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2011-03-18 | Jaz Tupelo // Blog
Sweet Show Swag!

The Valley Free Radio fundraiser starts Sunday, so we’ll be rolling out some fun guests and cool ways to thank you for your donations! Tune in Monday at 8am to hear more!

Friday 18 March 2011 - File Blog
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2011-01-10 | Jaz Tupelo // Blog
Two weeks from today

For those of you who eschew the computer on weekends, you may have missed the news that The Bill Dwight Show is returning to the airwaves on Valley Free Radio, WXOJ 103.3 FM.

On January 24th – two weeks from today – at 8am, Bill and I will return with a brand new show. Oh, there will still be the same news, commentary, interviews, and the general goofiness and good times you’ve come to expect; but we’ll have new features as well.

One of those features will be a daily check in with our favorite political analyst, Bill Scher, host of Liberal Oasis. Each weekday morning, Bill posts The Progressive Breakfast, your guide to the issues of the day. Starting Monday the 24th, you’ll be getting your serving of The Progressive Breakfast served up fresh, before anyone else.

So set your dial and bookmark your browser: Monday, January 24th 8am 103.3 FM. You can stream the show live here, and of course download podcasts from this very blog.

Monday 10 January 2011 - File Blog
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That’s right! Radioland, here we come!

I was going to wait until Monday to post this, because, seriously – who posts major news announcements on weekends (I’m looking at you Bill Dwight)?!?

So, yes…starting January 24th, you can find us at Valley Free Radio, 103.3FM. We’ll be on Monday through Thursday, 8am to 9am.

The format will be similar to our old show, with a few tweaks: news, interviews, commentaries, etc. Our first guest will be Northampton Mayor Clare Higgins.

The one change I’m personally excited about is that I’ll be playing music. Not a lot of music, but a few songs sprinkled throughout the show to give it a new kick.

If you don’t live within range of VFR’s signal (or don’t own a radio), you can stream the show at their website. And, of course, you can check in here to download podcasts of the show.

Thanks to everyone for all your encouragement over these last few months. We’re looking forward to spending more time with you all!

Saturday 8 January 2011 - File Blog
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