Hello from the other side…

14125005_10100352389265940_5707605295563758783_oIn which the Bill Dwight Show is a little like Adele: quiet for a long time and then one day – BOOM! New album. Or podcast. Whatever.

So…hi everybody! What’s going on with you? Sorry we haven’t been around much. 2016 has sucked pretty hard, hasn’t it? Well, we’ll do our best to not add to the suckiness, and maybe even alleviate some of it, if we can.

This week, we talk a little politics, both local and national, and chat with playwrights Leanna James Blackwell and Tanyss Rhea Martula, along with actor Susan Daniels, about this year’s Play-by-Play event at the A.P.E. Gallery. There’s also a little treat for you MAD Magazine fans out there.


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Wednesday 14 September 2016 Audio + Blog
2016-09-14  »  Jaz Tupelo