The Bill Dwight Show!

Bill Dwight got his start in radio as a regular guest on Rachel Maddow’s local morning show, chatting about issues facing the Northampton city council. Those short segments weren’t enough to contain all of his talk, so they gave him his own show. Jaz Tupelo was a radio DJ who had never produced a talk show before, so the station figured “nothing but the best for Bill!” Luckily, it all worked out, and the Bill Dwight Show became one of the most popular shows on the station, which is why there was tremendous outcry when Bill and Jaz were fired. The duo took the show online, and then back to the airwaves on Valley Free Radio, until Bill decided to run for office again and Jaz went back to school. Now Jaz has graduated, and Bill misses talking about subjects other than politics, so the Bill Dwight Show is back!

It’s the Bill Dwight Show
Smart talk radio
Wake up your mind
Well, anything is possible…
He’s got a sidekick
Jaaaz Tuuuupellloooooooo….

What Folks Have To Say About Us

“My favorite radio station is local…where I live, in Northampton, Massachusetts. This station… has this morning show with this guy named Bill Dwight. He’s a local video-store clerk [laughs], and he’s got a lot of interesting things to say about daily political news and then also local happenings. Really funny and really smart and really personable. So in a way he’s really representative of the best of radio.”

— Thurston Moore, Feedbacker (Pitchfork, November 2007)

“Thanks for the interview…an intelligent interview from a radio station for a change is very nice.”

— George Carlin, Funny Social Critic 

“Bill’s more than a treasure—at this point he’s verging on landmark status. I love his show.”

— Rachel Maddow, Television Person 

“Welcome back to Bill and Jaz, the Pioneer Valley’s best radio duo in exile.”

— John Hodgman, Renowned Informationalist 

Thursday 13 May 2010