File: September 2010

Bill and Jaz discuss the various benefits happening this weekend (and point out which one might be of use to you in the upcoming zombie apocalypse, if that’s how you make your important financial decisions). Also, we wrap up the roundabout discussion, and Bill talks about zoning. But don’t worry: he swears, so it’s not boring.

Thursday 30 September 2010 - File Audio

2010-09-28 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Rachel Maddow: Smug or sweet?

(Yeah, guess which adjective WE choose)

Bill chats with Rachel Maddow about “her feud” with Bill Clinton, tea partiers vs conservatives, and Scott Brown. And fashion. Of course.


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Tuesday 28 September 2010 - File Audio

2010-09-23 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Rock out with the kids for a good cause

Bill Childs, the adult host of Spare the rock, Spoil the Child, helped put together a benefit CD for families in Haiti. Now it’s time to celebrate with a CD release party at the Pines Theater this weekend! Bring the kids!


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Thursday 23 September 2010 - File Audio

2010-09-21 | Jaz Tupelo // Audio
Using My Religion

Rabbi Riqi Kosovske of the Reform Synagogue of Greater Northampton talks about why Jewish people are sensitive about burning books, and how her congregation used their High Holydays celebrations to respond to a pastor’s threat to burn a Koran.


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Tuesday 21 September 2010 - File Audio